Birth Control Methods

The still powerful key to not getting pregnant and choosing to afterward whether to keep it or terminate it is by using and availing of the birth control methods. There are various types of contraceptives that you could get. You can choose what you like and what would be the best way for you. One of the basic types is the using of condoms. They are easy to buy with no restrictions but they have to be prepared in advance. The best way not getting pregnant is abstinence.


There is also the implant that you can have and it is said to be 99% effective. There is also the patch that would affect your hormones so that you will not get pregnant and the said method was given the effectivity rate to 91%. It is the same with the effectivity level of the pill. There is the various pill that you could use and find what is suitable for you. If you want to get the 94% of effectivity then the answer for you is the shot.

More methods are a vaginal ring for women and also breastfeeding could prevent pregnancy. There are also other means like tubal ligation for women and men also could choose to do the method which is vasectomy. There is the various method that could be availed so that pregnancy could be avoided. The problem why many women still get pregnant varies and it is not easy to blame someone who has to terminate their pregnancies for various reasons also ad method.