After Care

When an abortion happens intentionally and unintentionally with different reasons, there is also the care that should be received by the woman. The effect could be different for each woman and how their body handles it is also different. There are those who had it safely and others have been on the more dangerous part. So let us see some of the things that should be taken care of after an abortion. There is the variety of experiencing different emotions when it is finished.

That is because it is not an easy decision but it is the only choice that they can get. There could be the feeling of being depressed and it could be on the high level because of the effect of the change in the woman’s hormone. There could also be the feeling of sadness, relief, and elation. Most of it would not last long. It is best if someone is with you to give you support. There are medications that could be taken in but only if prescribed.

The body should be rested so it could recover. Others could just tolerate it and go to work normally. If it does not involve any strenuous activities then it is better. Do not have a heavy exercise the day after but give time so your body could recover. Even if you do not feel any complications but it is recommended you have the time to rest. Have your follow-up exam when you were required by the doctor.