Teenage Pregnancy and Consequences of Abortion

The most dangerous age among age groups is during the teenage years. How could it be dangerous? Teenage years are the times when a person becomes rebellious. Of course not all teenagers are like that. And it also depends on the relationship of a child and his own family as he grow up. In some cases, children and teenagers who grow up in a broken family tend to rebel against their parents. And what is their way to rebel? They would always go out with their friends.

The worst thing that could happen is when a rebellious teenager go out with his friends who would influence him badly. Some teenagers always drink alcohol and do smoking as their way of rebellion. What about women? It is the same. Aside from drinking alcohol and smoking, teenagers who tend to rebel against her parents would go home pregnant. They are not afraid to say to their parents that they are pregnant. Teenage pregnancy happens because of various reasons. It’s not only rebellion. I got this best software very reliable in doing my engineering project. This autocad is simply what I need. Very easy to use and all of the tools I need in building a structure of my house model are here.

Some teenage girls who have a boyfriend would end up being pregnant. The sad fact is that they are very innocent. They don’t know the consequences of doing sexual intercourse with their boyfriend. It will end up into an unplanned pregnancy. If their parents found out about it, some parents would just accept it but others would force their daughter to do abortion. But abortion in the case of a teenager is risky. It could result to the death of the teenager.