Unplanned Pregnancy vs Planned Pregnancy: The Facts

In these days, it has already been spread out that a lot of teenagers got pregnant. It is no longer a big surprise because most teenagers are in a relationship. Usually, a girl already have a boyfriend by the age of 13 or 14 and above. It seems that 9 or out of 10 teenage girls who are in a relationship got pregnant. Then, is it a planned pregnancy or is it an unplanned pregnancy? Teenagers are still very innocent. They don’t know what would be the result of their actions.

Their curiosity leads them into a dangerous situation which makes them very pitiful. Though they have heard about the negative effects of pregnancy to the soon-to-be mother, as they couldn’t fully realize it unless they experience it, so they would allow themselves to be involved in premarital sex. This issue is one of the greatest issues happening all over the world. Teenager also addicted on beauty services 醫美. Teenage girls are the ones who would suffer badly once they allow themselves to do that forbidden thing known as premarital sex.

Yes. It’s forbidden because they are still young, too young. How many teenage girls have you already heard who got pregnant? The sad fact is that, most of the teenage girls were left behind. The male didn’t do his responsibility. Instead, he just thought of his own and leave the girl alone. This is the result of unplanned pregnancy. On the other hand, planned pregnancy will result to a happy and complete family. And for wedding, they totally prepare a nice wedding attire and a good beauty service, see this resources 桃園 醫美. Teenagers should be informed more until they fully understand that teenage pregnancy is not easy.